Kiss Ivanka .. peace dove

          There is no better or stronger than the spontaneous impulse in expressing emotions whatever love or hate .. let alone feelings that express charity and approbation ..

       The model of Moroccan women who accepted Ivanka as an expression of gratitude as a natural reaction after Ivanka took her arms and hugged her. “It will bring the great good of rural women in the region and support their future ambitions,” she said.

     It is clear that those who dealt negatively with this picture or video that depicted the incident were not normal and were motivated by hatred against the US president and America as a superpower. . Though if he had dealt with the issue simply and put himself in the place of that Moroccan rural woman, the situation would have been completely different.

   Ivanka’s kiss expressed human behavior – as a human being sympathetic to another human being – a natural and positive feeling. She was met with the same positive response as part of the fulfillment of beauty, or as the Moroccan woman herself said that this is part of the traditions and customs of the people of that Moroccan village.

     Ivanka has proved that she is beautiful not only from abroad, but she has a beautiful spirit and affluent feelings towards the world’s poor.     Ivanka is a beautiful kiss from a beautiful woman who spreads beauty, optimism, goodness and peace

نُشر بواسطة Younes Hazza'a يونـس هــزاع

ناشط سياسي يمني ، صحفي واعلامي بارز ، عمل رئيسا للدائرة السياسية للمؤتمر الشعبي العام ، وكيلا مساعدا لوزارة الاعلام في الجمهورية اليمنية .

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